The cartoonist and journalist Rayma is the descendant of Italian immigrants to Venezuela who had fled fascism. She herself was born and grew up in the very country that had been a functioning democracy in her youth but is now called "Saudi-Venezuela" by its citizens.

With the ironic self-designation of their own country, people nostalgically remember the earlier oil boom times. "We were happy and did not know it," says Rayma. For 20 years now, Rayma has been illustrating the destruction of her country. Rayma's way of life is similar to that of many Venezuelans within their generation. It represents different facets at the same time: the side of dissidents, of emigrants, and of a talented individual that cannot flourish in this environment marked by deprivation and hostility. Rayma's life also represents the first great diaspora in Venezuela's history, which today includes millions of Venezuelans scattered throughout the world.

The Andean Office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation supports the initiative of the Chilean Fundación para el Progreso by documenting statements and life stories like those of Rayma. It shows that people have the courage to speak out against repressive societies and governments around the world. The podcast series gives “rebels” a voice who are committed to positive change towards the establishment of liberal democracies.

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